The announcement of the new company was made by Encraft Managing Director, Matthew Rhodes and Soleg Group Managing Director Bernhard Seiler.

Encraft sold controlling interest in its solar photovoltaic trading subsidiary, Encraft Technology Products (ETP) to the Soleg Group – a German distributor of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and biomass technologies who has several offices in the EU.

Soleg will take over the staff, assets and operations of ETP, headquartered in Leamington Spa renaming the company as Soleg UK.

“We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Soleg to take our trading business forward in the rapidly developing UK market,” said Encraft Managing Director, Matthew Rhodes.

The new General Manager of Soleg UK, Richard Orttewell, said he is “looking forward to building on the hard work of the team at ETP to grow Soleg UK rapidly into a market leader in solar photovoltaic and renewable technologies.”