SOLFEX energy systems, the UK-exclusive distribution partner for German electronics manufacturer Prozeda GmbH, has announced that it will be bringing the new Grandis 600 HK solar thermal and multifunctional controller to the UK market.

The Grandis 600 HK not only acts as a solar thermal system controller but can also be used to control both mixed and un-mixed heating circuits. The system is capable of controlling two separate heating circuits independently without any additional modules or controller. With a total of ten PT1000 sensor inputs, one irradiation sensor input, flow sensor inputs, flow monitoring inputs, two high efficiency pump control inputs and a total of seven outputs, plus one contact free relay, the Grandis 600 HK can operate complex multi collector, multi store and heating circuit systems.

The heating circuit outputs can be controlled dependent upon exterior temperatures, via the use of an external PT1000 temperature sensor, ensuring that the system operates at optimal efficiency by limiting the flow temperature of the heating circuits by mixing hot water from the storage tank with the cooler return water of the heating circuit. Automatic control of auxiliary heat sources are also an option upon the demand of the circuit groups requirement.

Commenting on the launch, Danny Wilkinson of SOLFEX energy systems said: “The addition of the Grandis 600 HK shows our commitment of continued product development with our supply partners. We are now in a position where we can link all our heat technologies, solar thermal, heat pumps and under floor heating by the use of one centralised control system and all the data is available for viewing worldwide through your tablet or iPhone via the Conexio 600 Web-Module, the Web-Module also allows the ability to make system parameter changes remotely.”

Further information relating to the Grandis 600 HK can be found on the SOLFEX website.