A new commercial solar installation has been completed at the Sony UK Technology Centre using optimised inverter technology to produce higher energy yields over the lifetime of the system.

The 250kW system was completed by Welsh installer Solar Plants and uses SolarEdge’s DC optimised inverter solution to maximise energy production at the module level.

The SafeDC technology also provides module-level shutdown and enhances protection for people and assets. With Sony UK Technology Centre’s systems spread across multiple rooftops, SolarEdge’s module-level monitoring and remote troubleshooting allows Solar Plants to efficiently conduct operations & maintenance services to provide higher system availability.

James Edgeworth, commercial development manager of Solar Plants, said: “SolarEdge’s inverter technology offers Sony UK Technology Centre increased energy yields for an improved return on investment and higher lifetime value.

“In addition, the module-level monitoring platform enables us to provide more effective asset management to optimise long-term performance.”

Sony UK Technology Centre also requested that Solar Plants retrofit a previously-installed PV system to include SolarEdge technology. The system was upgraded to leverage SolarEdge’s monitoring platform and to reduce energy losses from which the original system suffered.

Alfred Karlstetter, general manager of SolarEdge Europe, said: “This installation excellently demonstrates the benefits that SolarEdge provides throughout the solar energy value chain in commercial PV systems, from the installer to the system owner.

“SolarEdge’s inverter solution offers improved revenue with decreased Balance-Of-System costs and O&M costs for an increased lifetime value, which are key benefits when system owners and EPCs are increasingly identifying commercial PV installations as long-term investments.”

Wyn Landon of Sony UK Technology Centre added: “With advanced manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art technology, SolarEdge technology will maximise our power production with green, clean energy that helps to reduce our carbon emissions.”