Veolia’s integrated waste management facility in Southwark, south London, is having what’s claimed to be one of the capital’s largest solar installations.

The utility management company is in the process of installing 2,500 solar panels on the roof of the facility which sorts recyclables and treats waste for it to be used in heat generation for the borough.

The installation will almost completely cover the facility’s roof and will generate around 674MWh of energy each year, enough to power 220 homes.

Councillor Darren Merrill said the installation marked Southwark Council’s “commitment to sustainable energy resources” despite the budget challenges it continues to face.

“With deepening local government budget cuts, we’re using our partnership with Veolia to develop innovative, locally- driven renewable projects. Not only is this more cost effective but it supports our goal to become a more energy efficient borough,” Merrill said.

“Recycling has always been a joint effort with the community and we are thankful to all the residents who are doing their bit. We hope that they will be encouraged to see that even the sun in the sky now has a part to play in making it happen,” added Fabrice Bouchon, general manager at Veolia Southwark.