Speedo contacted EvoEnergy to complete its 8.61kW solar PV installation, for its brand new Head Office, after being unsatisfied with its original solar PV installation company.

Approximately 22% of the energy for Speedo’s new Head Office has to come from a renewable source as it is a new building. Subsequent to investigating the renewable energy industry and considering efficient technologies and financial incentives Speedo decided to install a Solar PV system. As the industry now recognises the feed-in tariff solar PV has become one of the quickest pay back renewable energy sources there is in the market at the moment which makes financial sense to install.

After EvoEnergy took over from the original company it worked closely with Speedo’s consultant to develop the design and make sure it was installed as per the specification. EvoEnergy built a bespoke unistrut system to lift the panels higher above the roof as there was a parapet around the roof.