Following the announcement of the Domestic RHI, Navitron are hoping to capatilise on the newly-available subsidy by announcing the launch of its new HFC range of curtained solar thermal panels. 
The company explains that, since it began trading, the most common customer query was wether they could use solar thermal for their central heating as well as their domestic hot water system. Until now, Navitron always advised against it purely because it meant 'over-specing' an array in order to produce more heat in the winter when the sun is at its weakest — causing excess heat and stagnation in the summer with no easy way of regulating it. 
Navitron believes that its new HFC range offers customers the best of both worlds. The company has continued to use its highly efficient evacuated tube technology along with parabolic mirrors behind for best and most effective results. However, they are placed within a glass-fronted box that gives the appearance of a flat plate system, which many people find more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, the HFC panels have been fitted with a remote controlled blind. This patented design allows full control over when the solar panels are active, eliminating the stagnation problem, which in turn finally opens up the possibility of using solar to heat your central heating systems in a regulated manner. They are as easy to install as any flat plate panel and come with a simple roof mounting system.  
Navitron's new HFC range will be on display first and foremost at the Solar Power UK event in Birmingham NEC from 2nd – 4th October 2012 and then available exclusively online via the company's website afterwards. Those interested in hearing more about the HFC range can visit Navitron at booth D15.  
Any installer interested in the RHI and how it can benefit their company should attend 'The heat is on – what next for solar thermal and the RHI?' series of seminars at October 2. MCS-accredited readers of Solar Power Portal are able to register to attend the event for FREE using the following promotional code: SPPMCSF3