ProFactum created EPiSolar because it realised that there was a gap in the solar market for software which would help in the direct sales situation. EPiSolar is designed to be used by the sales consultant in front of the client to graphically demonstrate the benefits of having a solar installation. The company believes that there is no better way to give a clear and compelling presentation and manage your sales leads and contracts.

With measurements entered from a simple survey of the house, EPiSolar quickly builds a 3D model of the roof in the correct orientation and colour codes the roof planes to show which receive the most sun. Panels can be dragged and dropped onto roof planes or the “auto fill” option used to place them quickly.  As well as instantly doing the SAP calculations EPiSolar gives a full 3D visualisation to show the client how their house will look with the panels in place. The presentation can be further personalised by pasting photographs of the actual house onto the 3D model for added realism. 

EPiSolar immediately recalculates the result if panels are moved around or any parameters used in the SAP calculation are changed.  Return on investment is vividly illustrated on a graph which changes interactively as figures are altered.

All the supporting paperwork such as quotations, contracts terms and conditions can be printed out at any stage and customised to a company’s preferred style. This provides very clear and consistent documentation for your client and your business and completely eliminates any possible misunderstandings because the homeowner can see exactly what is being proposed through 3D visuals, graphs and calculations. EPiSolar keeps up with changes in the government standards on SAP calculation and currently use SAP2009, but is ready to use SAP2012 which is due in April 2013.

ProFactum will be showcasing its EPiSolar software at Solar Power UK 2012 on stand P48.