Designed by an installer for installers, Solar Limpets are a unique innovation in hook technology offering economical, easy and fast installation. The company claims that its new design can save up to 50 percent on installation time and reduce breakages by a staggering 90 – 100 percent.

Suitable for 10 x 6 cement and clay tiles as well as all sizes of natural or artificial slate, for both portrait and landscape installations, Solar Limpets are secure, strong and UV resistant solution to panel  mounting.

Unlike the majority of fixing products, Solar Limpets allow full 360° adjustment up, down and sideways to suit all roof conditions. This flexibility in adjustment enables the installer to cope with a variable pitch roof. Adjustments are possible even after panels have been fitted. Due to the patented design, Solar Limpets do not cause tiles to kick up, no tile or slate cutting is required, no slate removals are necessary and no flashing work is required thereby making the installation process significantly faster and easier.

With these hooks a 16 panel install on any 10 x 6 tile or slate elevation is easily possible in half a day. The simple Limpet hook design facilitates simple, safe and 100 percent weatherproof installations for tile and slate elevations. The design of the hooks enables installers to discard roof ladders which are normally required and often result in significant tile breakage.

No more packing, cutting slate, ripping, guessing, tile and piles of broken slates. ESE Solar Limpets provide fast, hassle free and economic solution for all installers.

The company will be showcasing its new hook technology at this year’s Solar Power UK. Solar Limpets can be found in booth B55.