The redevelopment plans will see the power station adopt PHES. Image: SSE Renewables.

SSE Renewables has confirmed it will hold a public consultation in Arrochar on its proposed redevelopment plans for Sloy Power Station.

The consultation will take place at the Three Villages Hall on 25 July and will present the local community to find out more information on the project, meet project members and raise questions about the proposals.

SSE Renewables announced plans to redevelop its conventional 152.5MW Sloy hydroelectric power station, situated on the shores of Loch Lomond in Argyll and Bute in central Scotland, to pumped hydro energy storage (PHES), in May 2023.

Subject to the final design of the project, Solar Power Portal reported that the Sloy scheme would be capable of delivering up to 25GWh of long-duration electricity storage capacity. This means that flexible renewable energy could be provided for up to 160 non-stop hours, nearly an entire week.

“We’re proposing to convert the existing hydro-electric scheme at Sloy into a pumped storage scheme, by introducing new pumps located in the grounds of the iconic power station at Inveruglas on the banks of Loch Lomond,” Georgina Wardrop, head of hydro stakeholder engagement at SSE Renewables.

“Exhibitions like this are a very important part of the development process for us. We want to involve those that live and work in the area from an early stage and give them ample opportunity to raise questions, ideas, concerns or comments that can be considered as part of the process.

“The power station has been a proud part of the local community since the 1950s and has a critical role to play for generations to come as we support the transition to net zero. We look forward to speaking with visitors to our exhibition and discussing our proposals in more detail.”

SSE has been exploring pumped hydro across Scotland as a means to provide renewable flexibility to the grid. In March 2023, Solar Power Portal reported that SSE would allocate £100 million to boost Coire Glas, a pumped hydro storage project, with the potential to be the “biggest” in 40 years.