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SSEN is expanding its flexible connection offer to all its customers with solar plans, regardless of grid constraint.

Previously, only SSEN customers within areas of the grid that are constrained were offered the possibility of a flexible connection.

All SSEN customers with variable generation can now choose a flexible connection that will match their production patterns and allow them to avoid the huge costs of network reinforcement.

The decision to offer this type of connection was informed by the Connections Customer Steering Panel, launched in 2015 by SSEN, which allows for consultation with customers.

It comes as part of SSEN’s transition towards a smart network as it moves from being a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

Andrew Roper, DSO director at SSEN, said it was important for the company to be responsive to customer needs.

“The proliferation of low-carbon technology and generation opens up opportunities for our customers to engage with the electricity system that serves them, in new and exciting ways.

“Our customers said that they want choice when it comes to connections, and by offering flexible connections to all customers, SSEN is responding and making that possible,” he said.