Westech, the manufacturer of Perlight Solar modules, has successfully navigated changes in the UK market as customers place increasing emphasis on quality.

The Oxford-based Westech Solar UK has claims to be doing well as the loss of a compelling feed-in tariff (FiT) rate has left a different class of customer in the market.

“Many people focused on price rather than quality and functionality when choosing modules during the period when the (FiT) was far higher,” said Jenny Chen, managing director of Westech Solar UK on the showfloor of Solar & Storage Live.

“The focus was on the short-term cost not the long-term cost, including the O&M. We have improved the functionality of our products and invested in our R&D. We work with Tigo to offer all our products smart-ready to make the economics stack up over the system’s lifetime. A smart solar system enables the end-user to monitor those economics day to day and get the most out of their install.”

Chen claims that this focus on quality means that customers are asking for Perlight modules by name as expectations and customer engagement increase.

“These days panels talk. They whisper to each other,” said Chen adding that being smart-ready is a must as storage and energy management become more important. The company’s modules include Tigo’s TS4 junction box offering module-level monitoring, enhanced safety and optimisation in the event of shading.

Chen said it was important to attend the show to meet with existing customers and to look to new opportunities.

“I think the new build market, particularly for our building integrated products, offers a lot of potential. The aesthetic advantage is very important.

“I also highlight the ethical argument for continuing on the path of further renewable energy deployment. Climate change is not going away and serving this market is important for us,” added Chen.