The Solar Trade Association (STA) is asking for its members to contact their local MP in the hopes of raising awareness over proposed changes to large-scale solar support.

The STA is imploring its members to write to their local MPs in order to challenge government proposals that would see the removal of support for large-scale solar under the renewable obligation.

The association notes that the industry is facing a number of critical issues that have the potential to threaten the sector’s continued success. Specifically the STA is concerned that:

  • The government is making decisions based on information that is way out of date
  • The government says it wants to see masses of solar on commercial roofs, but its support scheme doesn’t allow that to happen
  • The new Contracts for Difference scheme (part of Electricity Market Reform) does not work for small businesses

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Leonie Greene, head of external affairs at the STA explained the importance of lobbying local MPs. She said: “We are campaigning to secure a coherent and stable policy framework for solar power. That means for the medium and large rooftop solar, which the government claims it wants to see, as well as for solar farms.

“To achieve that, it's important we raise awareness in the House of Commons that solar is a secure, home-grown solution to Britain’s energy challenges – and that we dispel a number of myths.

“I am convinced that if MPs understand what solar has to offer and the damaging nature of the changes DECC is proposing, they will back our call on DECC to reconsider current plans. It's also clear DECC needs to do far more to unlock the roof-top solar revolution they promised.

“We are therefore calling on STA Members who will be affected by the potential policy changes, and indeed this country’s army of over 2,000 British solar SMEs as a whole, to directly contact their MP. These companies are employing lots of people in constituencies up and down the country so they deliver real local benefits. Their national value is very clear too – all we need is one more push to deliver subsidy-free solar.

“This is all about working with STA members to achieve the right policy framework for solar.”

The STA has issued a draft letter for companies interested in contacting their local MP to use.