Image: redT.

Statkraft has been revealed as the major European utility to partner with redT on a fully-financed solar-plus-storage offering for the UK’s thriving C&I market.

Earlier this month redT confirmed it was in late-stage discussions with a then-unnamed energy company to launch the offering, announcing at the same time that it was to undergo a strategic review and fundraise in an attempt to save the business.

The new offering, which claims to be a first for the UK market, will offer C&I customers in the UK savings on their energy bills of up to 20% over a 25-year power purchase agreement.

Solar arrays will be combined with redT flow machines at the companies’ premises without the need for capital outlay, while Statkraft will also seek to incorporate them into its virtual power plant and offer flexibility optimisation services.

It’s intended that the initial phase of the agreement will see the deployment of some 10MW of solar PV and 6MWh of flow machine capacity. But it’s the companies’ aim to ramp this up significantly over the next three years, with the target set of installing 100MW of solar PV and 60MWh of storage in that time.

Andy Cooper, head of UK downstream at Statkraft, said the fully-financed offering stood to enable its customers to take advantage of renewable energy.

“Statkraft is committed to being the leading partner for clients seeking to better utilise renewable energy and maximise the value of flexibility. The partnership with redT enables Statkraft and Bryt Energy to offer additional options that will benefit customers, incorporating storage, renewable energy solutions, advanced asset optimisation and trading within a VPP,” he said.