Over 450 homes throughout the Midlands and the South East are now powered by the sun after the completion of Street Energy’s 1.2MW rent-a-roof scheme. Working in conjunction with Dawsetway Heating and Renewables (DHR) a ‘just-in-time’ delivery method was implemented to ensure that each order was met in a timely and cost effective manner.   

The flexible just-in-time system put into place by DHR had to ensure that individual PV kits could be delivered to designated properties before 8:00am each morning. As the installer had scheduled up to eight installs a day, it was important that the supply chain ran smoothly and the product availability could be guaranteed.   

IBC SOLAR was called on to supply the solar components required for each system. To ensure the kits reached the installation teams on time, the equipment was stored at IBC SOLAR UK’s distribution and warehouse facility in Thame, Oxfordshire and then delivered to DHR’s warehouse in Woolwich following a call-off order.

Commenting on the deal, Graeme Patton, Director of DHR, said: “We were able to negotiate an upfront individual kit price with IBC SOLAR UK based on trust and projected installation figures. This enabled us to keep overall project costs low.”

Each of the 453 installed 2.82kWp arrays comes complete with a Sunny Beam Bluetooth-enabled monitoring system that talks directly to the SMA inverters. The monitoring system also allows Street Energy to remotely monitor the assets’ performance and alert the company of any issues.   

“The ‘just-in-time’ delivery arrangements worked very well owing to the location of IBC SOLAR UK’s distribution centre. We never had to wait for equipment to be delivered to site which helped us manage the order books and fulfill our commitment to our customers,” he continued.