Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for Scotland to be kept in the loop with regards to decisions on UK energy policy, requesting a “process of consultation and agreement”.

Sturgeon has said that there should be a new approach to the UK’s relationship with Scotland regarding energy issues following a general election that saw Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party sweep 56 of a possible 59 seats in the country.

Aside from seeking assurances regarding onshore wind subsidies, Sturgeon has said Scotland should be provided with “flexibility and visibility” within the levy control framework (LCF) in order to promote investment in the renewables sector.

Describing Scotland as an “energy powerhouse”, Sturgeon said it was “imperative” that parliamentary policies helped reduced carbon emissions and instances of fuel poverty.

“Energy security is a crucial matter for everyone and making sure that we have the right kind of energy that not only looks after our needs going forward, but also looks after our planet is a key priority for the Scottish Government.

“We have achieved a great deal in the renewable field, however there is still much to do and Scotland’s natural potential makes it a cost-efficient place to develop renewable resources. We see a benefit to both Scotland and the rest of the UK in enabling this economically efficient development of renewable potential to continue,” she added.

Scotland has a small but growing solar industry with more than 35,000 residential and 600 commercial installations, and the Solar Trade Association recently opened a Scotland-based division to help further the domestic solar industry in the country.