John Ding, VP of Trina Solar, with Sunamp’s chief executive Andrew Bissell at the official opening of the former’s new heat pump factory in Changzhou, China. Image: Sunamp.

Sunamp has signed an agreement with Chinese solar giant Trina Solar to develop an integrated solution combining its thermal storage batteries with heat pumps to be manufactured at a new factory in Changzhou.

The two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the official opening of Trina’s new heat pump facility on October 20.

The agreement will see UniQ heat batteries from Sunamp, based in Edinburgh, used in combination with Trina’s heat pumps to deliver what both have described as ‘a game-changing cleantech solution’.

According to Sunamp, the combined system will offer between 23 – 35kWh of storage, with the company working in collaboration with Trina Solar to ensure its manufacturing capabilities keep pace with that of the Chinese firm.

Sunamp’s chief executive Andrew Bissell said: “We are extremely honoured that such a prestigious global company as Trina Solar has chosen Sunamp as a partner as they embark on their expansion into the heat pump market.

“Our unique heat battery technology extends and enhances the range of capabilities of heat pumps and the combination of solar PV, heat pumps and heat batteries has exceptional potential to cut fuel costs, address climate change and improve air quality.

“Indeed, we look forward to a day when burning coal for domestic heating and hot water is a thing of the past.”

Sunamp’s technology is already installed in thousands of homes across the UK and will now be used with Trina’s heat pumps as part of a trail of the integrated solution to take place in China over the winter months.

Twenty homes of various sizes and house types have been selected in the north of the country where the technologies will be tested in cold climate regions for one year. If successful, the integrated solution will be launched in China in the second half of 2019.

Commenting on the MoU, Trina Solar’s chairman and chief executive, Jifan Gao said: “Trina and Sunamp both share the same idea of accepting the responsibility of combating global climate change, and this lays the foundation for mutual cooperation.”