Southwest renewable energy specialist SunGift Solar has completed a flagship 250kW solar PV system for the Somerset factory of Numatic International, manufacturer of the Henry vacuum cleaner.

SunGift was selected by Numatic following a competitive tendering process and completed the system in just under a month. The £250,000 installation has been fitted with 1,000 Canadian Solar CS6P-250M monocrystalline 250W modules, 14 Sputnik Engineering SolarMax 15MT2 inverters, and two Sputnik Engineering SolarMax 10MT2 inverters.

The system stretches over three roofs at Numatic’s manufacturing facility in Chard, Somerset, and will help power its 34 computer-controlled injection-moulding machines. 

Exeter-based SunGift also recently completed large systems for the Met Office, Exeter City Council and Darts Farm.

“Numatic’s solar PV system is a clear demonstration of how beneficial solar PV systems are for commercial businesses,” said Gareth Walton, business development manager at SunGift Solar. “Like many other organisations with high and rising energy costs, Numatic’s system will reduce its energy bills as well as bringing in a substantial income from the feed-in tariff and reduce its carbon emissions and boost its green credentials.”

The PV system is expected to generate energy bill savings and feed-in tariff payments totalling more than £50,000 per year, which means that it will have paid for itself in less than five years. 

“This is an exciting development for us,” added Andrew Smith, Numatic's property manager, “and an important step towards helping meet our carbon reduction targets. This, combined with a number of other investments that we have planned, will take us towards our challenging goal – and with rising energy costs, is more important than ever.”