Solar distributor SunGift has stared to ship IRFTS’ off-the-shelf solar-powered awnings after installing the UK’s first system at its Exeter HQ.

The ‘Shadow Solar’ system, developed by solar technology manufacturer IRFTS, acts as an awning that can be fixed to a house to provide shade or form a carport to shelter vehicles.

Solar modules in the awning generate power for the home or to charge electric vehicles parked underneath and Scott Oldfield, general manager at SunGift Trade, said the technology was an “exceptional piece of kit”.

“Homeowners are increasingly asking for new solutions that meet their needs and the Shadow Solar is the ideal answer.” 

“As more people buy electric cars, the Shadow Solar will also allow them to power their cars directly from the energy they’re generating from the sun,” Oldfield added.

IRFTS’ solution is currently available overseas and has been used in sundecks, swimming pool roofs and to form open conservatories.