Sungrow to supply liquid cooled ESS for 150MW SSE project. Image: Sungrow.

Sungrow has signed a contract with SSE Solar and Battery to implement its liquid cooled energy storage system (ESS) into a 150MW project in Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire.

The project is set to be one of the largest in the UK and, as Solar Power Portal reported earlier this week, the project in Ferrybridge will be delivered at the site of a former coal-fired power station.

It is expected that the project will begin construction in May 2023 with a grid connection date confirmed for June 2024. SSE expects the project to be fully operational by October 2024.

As per the terms of the agreement, Sungrow, an inverter and energy storage solution supplier, will provide the project with its liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan. The ESS is tailored for utility-scale energy storage demand and adopts advanced liquid-cooled thermal management and AI to monitor battery cells.

According to Sungrow “the PowerTitan enables the project a favourable return on investment through peak shaving — charging the batteries when electricity rates are at their lowest and discharging to avoid paying peak prices during the expensive times of the day.”

Lewis Li, president of Sungrow Europe, said: “Sungrow is proud to supply our liquid cooled energy storage system, the PowerTitan, to this landmark project. We are excited for what is to come with our partnership with SSE as we work towards maximising the profitability for the project with cutting-edge products and services.”

The Ferrybridge project will become SSE Renewables’ second battery storage project in delivery with the company already constructing a 50MW project in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

“To be constructing this project on the site of a previous coal-powered station really shows the strides we are making in developing clean low-carbon energy and it's the latest in what is an extremely healthy project pipeline for our business,” said Richard Cave-Bigley, SSE Solar and Battery director.

SSE Renewables recently added SSE’s Solar and Battery team to its own arm to advance the delivery of a nearly 2GW project pipeline in the UK and Ireland and its expansion into Europe, as reported by Solar Power Portal.

The SSE Solar and Battery’s 100-person team was previously incubated in SSE plc’s Enterprise division. SSE said that the shift to working under SSE Renewables would happen with immediate effect and would help support SSE Renewables net zero goals.