A new scheme, run by solar energy company Sunny Britain, will help UK residents to benefit from renewable electricity for the half the price. By grouping people from the same area together, the company is able to negotiate saving on equipment, installation and maintenance from local suppliers. In some cases the cost of installing solar panels can be reduced by 50%, making going green more attractive than ever.

Sunny Britain will open its first group in St Albans and Hemel Hempstead, where Sunny Britain has identified a possible 58,000 households that could take advantage of a 33% discount on the average retail price.

Being eligible for cut price installations, residents will be able to save on the upfront costs – and therefore reduce the payback time – benefit from reduced energy bills, and receive payments up to £1,200 per year from the UK feed-in tariff.

Sunny Britain will also launch in High Wycombe, an area which has been identified as having huge potential for reaping the benefits of solar panels, with over 43,000 suitable houses in the town.

This scheme is expected to generate a large amount of interest as it allows those who may not have a huge amount of money to spend on solar installations, to take the plunge. Unlike the rent-a-roof schemes that are becoming popular in the UK, this model makes solar more available to the masses, yet the customer still benefits from the feed-in tariff.

The Sunny Britain team has already installed over 200MW across Europe. The scheme will be rolling out across the UK in the next few weeks.