Image: SunGift Energy.

Public Power Solutions (PPS) is preparing to launch a new procurement platform for public sector bodies embarking on embedded energy generation projects.

The new dynamic platform is designed as a follow-up to PPS’ solar framework, and will incorporate battery storage, electric vehicle charging bays and other distributed energy technology installations across single and multiple sites.

And installers and contractors are now being urged to sign up to the platform ahead of its launch on 1 January 2019.

The framework acts as an open, electronic process wherein public sector bodies can announce tenders and seek out pre-qualified suppliers and installers to carry out the work. Over a period of up to four years – to align with procurement rules under the Office Journal for the European Union – suppliers can join the framework at any time and respond to active tenders.

The New Energy Dynamic Framework (NEDF) is to incorporate projects in eight specific lots, including engineering, procurement and construction; independent connection provision; operations and maintenance; legal services; technical advisory; power purchase agreement provision; financial platforms, and energy trading.

Vendors for any of the above services are invited to apply to join from the beginning of November 2018, and a supplier day is to be held on 31 October in order to both present the new system and provide support for those intending to participate.

The NEDF will then be launched on 1 January 2019, with public sector bodies invited to unveil distributed energy projects for those suppliers already registered.

Steve Cains, head of power solutions at PPS, said the new platform offered a simplified process for public sector bodies to procure an expanded range of energy technologies and services.

“Smoothing the path for the public sector at a time when public sector budgets are really squeezed, we’ll be saving them both time and money.

“Since we launched our first dynamic framework for the solar industry, there have been huge advances in renewable energy technology and infrastructure, so NEDF reflects that and encompasses a much broader range of technologies. It offers benefits for suppliers too – who will be able to tender for a large number of projects,” he said.

More information on the NEDF and how to register can be found here.