As part of its Home Efficiency Campaign, the retail giant Tesco has announced that it is now offering 20 percent off all products in its solar PV range. Tesco hopes that the promotion will help make solar more accessible, especially to those who may not have benefited from a solar installation last year.

The supermarket’s promotional material states that: “As well as benefitting from reduced electricity bills a 3.92kWp system from Tesco which costs £6,799, could earn up to £706 in yearly FiT payments based on the current rate of 21p per kWh. When added to the wider savings and payments benefits, a solar electricity system has the potential to generate a tax-free income from FiT and export of £33,980 over the next 25 years.”

In recognition of the new EPC requirements introduced on April 1, Tesco is also currently offering free loft or cavity insulation for its PV customers. For those householders that need further efficiency improvements, Tesco will provide advice and can arrange EPC assessments.

The company has warned homeowners interested to act sooner rather than later, especially as the introduction of the EPC requirement will add to the timescale for fitting.

 “The recent changes in the feed-in tariff and the high profile legal battles that followed caused confusion and have been damaging to the solar industry.  Tesco is looking to help restore confidence in solar and this 20 percent promotion means that our largest solar system is now less than half the price it was back in December, giving Tesco customers a rate of return equal to or higher than when the Feed-in Tariff rates were at their highest. With the feed-in tariff rates set to drop from July 1, we are urging customers to install solar now before our promotion ends and the FiT rates drop again”, said Adrian Wright of Tesco Home Efficiency.

Tesco expects demand to be high and has advised interested households to obtain their EPC before June 10 in order to have their installation registered before the proposed July 1 FiT cuts.