Renewables developer, TGC Renewables, is set to apply for planning permission to develop a 40-acre site at Raymond’s Hill, near Axminster, into a 5MW solar park.

The £10 million scheme is expected to provide renewable energy for up to 2,000 local homes if it gets the go-ahead.

TGC Spokesman, Roy Amner, explained to The Herald that the company will sign a purchase power agreement (PPA) with Western Power who will feed the electricity into the local network.

Under the plans the land-owner, Gilbert Churchill, will continue to graze sheep on the proposed solar site. Churchill explained that he is keen to lease the land to TGC as he sees solar power as a preferable technology to nuclear. Speaking to the Herald, Churchill said: “Everyone I have spoken to is happy about it.”

The local newspaper also reported that everyone who was approached about the solar scheme was in favour of such a development. One note in the comments book exclaimed: “I would much prefer to live next door to a solar park than to a nuclear or coal fired station…anything to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. Go for it!”

TGC Renewables expects that, if planning permission is granted, the 5MW solar park could be installed and generating electricity before the end of the year.