TGC Renewables has announced plans to scale up its operations over the coming year, in anticipation of realising plans to develop over 25MW of renewable energy initiatives. The independent renewable energy project developer will double its existing staff base over the next twelve months. 

In spite of the continued uncertainty and difficulty facing the UK renewable energy sector, the company has developed a strong revenue base and a solid pipeline for future investment.

Over the coming year TGC will take on a series of large-scale, multi-MW solar parks located across the South West of England. The solar investments, combined with the continued deployment of on-shore wind, will lead to a substantial revenue rise for the Bristol-based renewables developer.

“For the past five years, the UK renewable energy sector has been battling to strike a balance between creating the catalysts for growth and protecting the long term interests of the clean energy sector,” said Ben Cosh, Director of TGC Renewables. “However, as the Government starts to provide greater policy clarity, the industry can at last begin to raise company revenue targets and offer increased levels of energy stability in the future.

“For TGC Renewables, this is critical, since it enables us to work directly with both the investment and agricultural communities while at the same time continuing to invest in our existing staff base – a workforce that we expect to double within the next twelve to eighteen months.”

TGC Renewables is currently recruiting across all its departments in conjuction with running its graduate programme to help create new green jobs throughout the UK.

Cosh continued: “As a business we currently have over 200 medium size wind turbines under development, as well as one of the UK’s largest solar parks about to enter planning. 2012 therefore marks a critical milestone – both for the business and for the wider UK wind and solar sectors.”