Renewable energy project developer, TGC Renewables, has applied for planning permission for a 4.5MW project in Somerset.  

The proposed project will sit on 10.5 hectares of land to the south-west of the village of Oake. The proposed 16,000 solar modules will help generate enough clean electricity to power over 1,000 local homes.  

Rob Denman, TGC Renewable’s director explained how renewable developments are becoming an increasingly viable endeavour for farmers, he said: “With the changing climate it is increasingly difficult for farmers to plan into the future, as the weather becomes increasingly unreliable. TGC Renewables develops solar parks in partnership with our landowners. The income from a solar project can provide a level of financial security that farming often fails to provide.

“As the UK farming community starts to recognise the returns that they can secure through providing lower grade agricultural land for green energy developments, we have a growing pipeline of UK projects that provide clean electricity and power to the National Grid.”

Denman added: “However, the main challenge continues to be the search for suitable sites that meet the tough criteria required to obtain all the required grid connection and permits.”

The company currently operates over 50MW of wind and solar power across the UK and has plans to break 100MW over the next year.