TGC Renewables has secured planning permission for a 3.86MW solar park in Somerset.

The approved site is located south-west of the village of Oake and will home 16,000 solar modules across 10.5 hectares.

The Truro-based solar developer consulted closely with the local community in order to tailor the proposed development to meet local sensitivities.   

After listening to the local parish council, TGC Renewables changed the routes used by construction vehicles as well as implementing a new traffic management system in order to avoid clashing with school pick-up times.  

“Working with and recognising the concerns of local communities is integral to securing large scale solar” said Roy Amner, planning director, TGC Renewables. 

He continued: “We’re finding that as we consistently engage with local residents and stakeholders, that a dialogue emerges and local communities begin to work with, rather than against us, in bringing solar projects to fruition” 

Once the project is energised, it will provide the farm it is located on with a guaranteed rental income for the next 25 years as well as generating enough energy to supply 1,050 local homes every year.