Cheshire-based renewables company TGE Group has launched a new solar monitoring package.

The package is designed to help ensure that the company’s installed solar arrays continue to deliver their forecasted output. The package includes a number of measures designed to maintain optimum performance of equipment including, cleaning of solar modules with purified water and the use of thermal imaging equipment which checks that solar modules are operating correctly.  

The company stresses that even a small drop in performance can have a large impact on investment. The company believes that with real-time output displays, performance reports and system alarms alerting to output drop or component failures, any anamolies in the performance can be quickly identified and rectified.

Rupert Higgin, managing director at TGE Group, added: “The new service adds another string to TGE’s bow and means that we can offer customers the whole package, guaranteeing systems continue to deliver as forecast. Particularly for large-scale installations, after sales support including general maintenance and monitoring are key to safeguarding the investment and prolonging the life and efficiency of the systems.”