Thames Water has completed the installation of 28 solar arrays across its water treatment plants. The solar initiative was funded by Bluefield Partners LLP and marks another important endorsement of solar technology in the UK as the Reading-based water company has returned to install more solar capacity after already operating 3.7MW of solar capacity.

Bluefield partner Mike Rand said: “This project is an excellent example of a win-win application of solar PV in the UK, providing energy at point of use combined with long term fixed energy pricing which is attractive for long term investors and the energy user alike. The project represents an approach which is core to Bluefield's strategy.”

John Gilbert at Thames Water said: “Installing this type of renewable clean generation benefits our customers by reducing our energy costs and hence their bills (electricity being our highest consumable cost) at £80 million per annum. In total, these installations will produce over 1,000,000 kWh of renewable electricity pa, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 250 households, saving 561 tonnes CO2 per annum.”