The Easy FIT Co has launched a new service that aims to help both installers and customers register for feed-in tariff (FiT) payments.

The company believes that the task of completing and submitting the necessary FiT paperwork can often be a tedious, confusing one. Frequently, the five day deadline for registration after installation completion is missed, causing customer dissatisfaction.

Speaking to SPP, Peter Clark, Director of Easy FIT Co, explained: “The company started as a result of feedback from both installers and the purchasing public, both of whom often feel it is not their responsibility, or are unable to complete the FIT registration unaided. This can result in confused, disgruntled customers and frustrated installers. We have spoken to many installers that have spent hours re-visiting customers to help them complete FiT forms instead of installing or selling new systems.”

The Easy FIT Co offers to register customers for their feed-in tariff payments and is available to all MCS approved installers, as well as private individuals looking for help with the registration process. Clark said: “Easy FIT Co ensures a smooth and hassle free registration every time.  After the installer has submitted the basic details via our website we then liaise with the customer and the energy company in order to complete their registration.” 

Users of the website are directed to a secure area where they are prompted to submit the necessary information directly to the company via a secure user area. Trained staff are then charged with completing the registration process, handling calls to customers and chasing up energy companies. Customers are often successfully registered for their payments in less than two days. Customer information remains confidential throughout the process and the order’s progress can be tracked from a bespoke user area.

A recent Easy FIT customer, Mr J Humphries, explained why he used the company to register for FiT payments: “I hadn't realised this [FiT registration] was something I had to do, I just assumed it was all taken care of.  Thankfully, I was told about the Easy FIT Co so I gave them a call and they were able to help, £30 was a small price to pay for not missing my first FiT payment and I would certainly recommend them to others.”

The Easy FIT Co offer initial registration for the service for free and charge £30 + VAT for each completed registration.