The Solar Building, the trade brand for The Solar Building Company, has secured exclusive distribution agreements with Samil Power and CETC48. The company will now provide Samil Power’s range of grid tied inverters and accessories alongside CETC48’s monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules for customers in the UK.

“Samil Power has a really fantastic product range with world-leading power efficiency,” said James Steynor, Managing Director of The Solar Building Company. “They offered us as standard 10- year guarantee for the UK market and that, along with their size and international reach, gave us great confidence in the future of our partnership.”

Initially Samil Power’s SolarRiver and SolarLake series of grid tied inverters will be sold by the Solar Building, covering 1kW up to 17kW. The larger SolarOcean series will be introduced later. The products meet all applicable standards including G83 and G59.

“Our requirement in the UK was for a professional distribution company that would support our products for the long term,” stated Peter Cui, CEO of Samil Power. “Though we recognise the market here in the UK is in some turmoil following the FIT review announcement in February, we are confident that the long term future is a good one. Our partnership with The Solar Building Company offers us the best possible way of supporting our customers in the UK now and in the future.”

All CETC48’s modules will come with a 10 year guarantee and 25 year performance warranty as standard. Output spread is kept to a very tight tolerance of 4%. The modules are also MCS certified and meet all applicable standards with testing also undertaken to IEC 61853-2.

CETC48’s Vice-Director of International Sales Bruce Xiao said, “The Solar Building Company has impressed us with their very professional approach to the market in the UK. We were looking for a partner for the long-term which can not only sell and support our products but also work with us to establish our brand in the UK market.”

“We were attracted by CETC48’s high level of vertical integration. The company handles all core technologies from ingot growing right through to final module assembly. They also manufacture the production equipment that is used by many other PV manufacturers. Their state ownership gives an unparalleled level of support and long-term security,” concluded Steynor.