Around 60% of EPCs active in the UK solar farm segment are from mainland Europe, according to analysis carried out by Solar Intelligence.

As part of the company’s upcoming release of its UK Large-Scale Ground-Mount Solar UK database on 1 July, Solar Intelligence has revealed that there are just over 80 EPCs operational in the UK.

Of those 80 EPCs who account for the install base to date, just 16 companies make up the top-tier group. Members of which number, British Solar Renewables, Grupotec, Solarcentury and Vogt.

However, the figures have revealed that more than half of the EPCs active in the large-scale solar UK market were from mainland Europe. During the calendar year 2014, the UK installed 1.79GW of large-scale (>250kW) ground-mounted solar farms, out of a total of 2.51GW of new solar PV installed.  

Taking a look at the asset owner side of the market, Solar Intelligence has found that ownership of the large-scale ground-mount segment is spread across approximately 70 companies. Almost 40 of those companies fall into the pure-play asset class category. As one would expect, Lightsource Renewable Energy is by far the largest holder of assets but there are another 11 companies who possess portfolios in excess of 100MW.

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