Energy Minister Greg Barker has announced that solar will be counted against the CRC, the government’s flagship scheme to improve energy efficiency in large public and private sector organisations.

Addressing solar industry members at the BPVA’s Christmas drinks in the House of Commons, Barker revealed that the Treasury had this week agreed to include solar technology in the CRC. At the moment, the CRC does not add further incentive to solar-generated electricity beyond existing support under the feed-in tariff (FiT) and renewable obligation (RO) schemes.

Solar Power Portal is awaiting further details from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) concerning how exactly the new proposals will further incentivise on-site solar generation. 

But announcing the news, Barker said: “This will incentivise on-site generation for new projects. This is symptomatic of my new agenda for 2013 – and that agenda is to recognise that we need to pull the big energy efficiency ambitions we have for this country much more closely together with our ambitions for distributed energy and micro-generation.”

In the Chancellor’s autumn statement last week the CRC scheme was dramatically simplified and DECC announced that it was looking at ways to further incentivise on-site renewable generation under the CRC.