Module manufacturer Trina Solar is bringing Changzhou to Birmingham at this year’s Solar Energy UK by offering virtual reality tours of its integrated campus.

The eight-minute tour shows participants the company’s manufacturing lines and PV laboratories in order to give deeper insight into how the company’s headquarters functions.

Trina’s Honey Plus and Honey M Plus series of modules will be demonstrated at the show, as will its full-black modules and integrated Trinasmart solution, which has been designed to maximise energy yield from rooftop installations.

“The Solar Energy UK exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for us to introduce our latest innovations to the UK market.

“With solar energy uptake in the UK growing rapidly in 2015, we consider this year’s exhibition to be a hugely important occasion. Regardless of what is set to happen to FIT and ROC subsidies, solar energy has a bright future in this country, reflected in how eager companies and individuals are to embrace it.

“We believe our cutting-edge products to be ideally suited to the UK market, and look forward to discussing the future of the industry at the event,”  Richard Rushin, head of Trina Solar’s UK sales team, said.