The government’s push for roof-mounted solar will drive installers towards adopting more yield efficient equipment, according to Trina Solar.

The Chinese module manufacturer believes that the unique barriers to adoption presented by commercial solar projects will require installers to reassess their offering.

According to Trina Solar, the particular demands of commercial clients mean that installers will begin to take a longer-term approach to designing and selling a system – factors like maintenance and monitoring will become vital components of any offering.

The company hopes that its investment in research and development will pay dividends. New to the UK solar market this week is the company’s Trinasmart performance optimiser. Integrated into the company’s Honey M module range, Trina claims that its optimiser can increase system performance by as much as 20%.

Crucially, the new optimiser allows users to monitor the performance of the array to ensure that clients are receiving the full value from their solar installation – a fact Trina believes is important for installers targeting commercial rooftops.   

Another area that the company believes is crucial for commercial contracts is the safety of the system. Here, Trinasmart can automatically shut down any modules that have suffered from electrical failure. In addition, if there is an external fire the modules can be completely turned off – allowing firefighters to tackle any fire safely.

Trina Solar has further strengthened its presence in the UK and, according to analysis undertaken by NPD Solarbuzz, the company was the clear module leader in the UK solar market, supplying over one-quarter of all PV capacity installed in the UK.