Trina Solar Limited has today announced that it will launch a new partner programme for installers in the UK on May 1, 2012. The programme is called Trina Solar Partner Plus and offers a number of benefits to registered members including personalised technical service, active sales support, exclusive offers and first hand information.

After conducting extensive research, Trina Solar has shaped the programme to address key installer needs. “We are very excited to launch this programme now in the UK, following the successful roll-out in Germany last month,” said Ben Hill, Head of Trina Solar Europe. “Our Partner Plus programme builds trust, further deepens our relationship with installers and rewards their loyalty to our brand. The trust in our brand is based on superior product quality, reliability as a partner, solid financials and strong local customer service.”   

The Trina Solar Partner Plus programme was founded under the motto, ‘Because you deserve more.’ Installers who register for the scheme can benefit from personal assistance and a range of exclusive offers, including Formula 1 tickets. Participants in the scheme can use a free phone telephone number where they receive assistance regarding products, technology and services as well as the partner programme itself. Interested installers can participate in trainings and, according to their status, receive on-site support for installation and system monitoring. Trina Solar Partner Plus offers active sales support as well as various co-marketing activities.

Trina Solar believes that providing a higher level of support for installers will generate additional demand and help drive sales, meaning more business for distribution partners. Trina Solar is planning to roll out the Partner Plus programme in other key European markets in 2012, interested partners can register for the scheme here.