Module manufacturer Trina Solar has supplied 7MW of PV modules to installers Ikaros Solar for a large agriculture project in the UK.

The installation is planned to be at Goose Willow Farm, in Abingdon. An estimated 24,000 Trina Solar modules will be installed at the 25 hectare farm with a capacity of 11.5MW.

Yves Devis, group CEO of Ikaros Solar said Ikaros was “glad to begin this new collaboration with Trina Solar with this large project in the UK, and we hope this will be the first of many projects”.

Ben Hill, president of Trina Solar Europe said: “This first collaboration with Ikaros Solar is very important to us and we are looking forward to the continuation of our fruitful partnership”.

Ikaros Solar is a joint venture PV supplier and installer launched to concentrate on the UK market in 2009 by Ikaros Solar NV/BV in Belgium. 

Trina Solar is prevalent in the UK and German markets with the UK representing a predicted 12% of its revenue for 2013.