Trina Solar has won a 28.5MW contract with Camborne Capital and sPower for the pair’s UK project collaboration.

The Chinese manufacturer will provide 105,560 of its 270W monocrystalline Honey M modules for projects expected to be installed and connected before March 2015, allowing them to qualify for the renewable obligation scheme before it closes to projects over 5MW in size.

“This is a significant milestone for Camborne and sPower as we move to the construction phase of these first nearly 30MW of projects,” said Declan Mackle, CEO of Camborne Energy Group. “Acquisition activities continue as we maximise the opportunity in UK solar before the ROC deadline.”

Camborne and sPower announced their UK partnership in September with a big push expected ahead of the RO cut-off point.

Ryan Creamer, CEO of sPower added: “While we are pleased with the quality and speed of our joint UK acquisition and construction achievements thus far, there is still a tremendous opportunity to develop projects in advance of the looming deadline. We can’t – and won’t – let off the gas for even a minute.”