Taiwan-based PV module manufacturer, TSMC Solar is entering the UK market after gaining MCS accreditation from TUV SUD BABT.

The company is a subsidiary of the world’s largest semiconductor (micro-chip) manufacturer that acts as a dedicated merchant (foundry) producer for the likes of well known UK-based microprocessor designer, ARM Holdings, a major supplier of the ‘brains’ in a vast majority of smart mobile phones in the world.

TSMC had posted revenue of US$19.88 billion (£12 billion approx) in 2013.

TSMC Solar, manufacturers CIGS (copper indium gallium selenium) thin-film modules rather than conventional crystalline silicon modules.

Its ‘TS C2’ series modules are rated at 145W to 165W, while its ‘TS C1’ series are rated at 140W to 155W. Both the C1 and C2 modules were awarded the MCS certification. The company also has verified conversion efficiencies in development of 15.7%.

On the back of MCS certification, TSMC Solar has also received a positive bankability report from DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas / Germanischer Lloyd), indicating it is also targeting the booming UK utility-scale market.

Although the dominant module of choice for project developers in the UK have been crystalline silicon modules, BELECTRIC primarily uses thin-film technologies and has deployed cadmium telluride (CdTe) modules for First Solar and CIS (copper indium selenium) modules from Solar Frontier in UK projects.