TuNur, Low Carbon and Nur Energies’ 2GW African-based solar export project will enter the highly competitive pool of solar applicants attempting to win contracts for difference (CfD) from the British government.

This follows the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) announcement in August that renewable energy projects located outside of the UK can receive funding, as long as the energy is exported back to the UK.

The project is currently acquiring permits from Tunisia, where the project has been sited for construction and, although Low Carbon’s recent press release did not name what scheme would fund it, Nur Energie CEO, Kevin Sara, confirmed to the BBC that the project would apply for a CfD.

Despite the recent news about Desertec no longer pursuing the construction of such projects that export foreign energy to Europe, Sara said: “The TuNur project, which has no relation to Desertec, is being developed with a clear strategy and has the backing of investors who are fully behind the project.”

Both Sara and Low Carbon’s chief executive officer, Roy Bedlow, said their companies endorse the TuNur project as a very competitive source in the energy market.