UK-based renewable energy company, TwentyNinety has won a Shell Springboard award, for its photovoltaic technology Active Array, which is launching later this year.  The prize, which provides a financial boost to innovative, low carbon business ideas from across the UK, has been awarded in recognition of the potential of Active Array, to make a significant impact on the global PV business.

Active Array is a low cost wireless technology which allows communication with each module in a PV array, improving performance by up to 20% over the lifetime of the array, adding safety and other benefits to photovoltaics.  The technology is in trial with customers, and is launching fully in 2011.

Simon Hombersley, Chairman said, “Shell Springboard is a highly competitive scheme, and TwentyNinety’s success is a huge vote of confidence in Active Array and the company by a credible and prestigious organisation. TwentyNinety adds intelligence to photovoltaics, and through the award Shell Springboard recognises the innovation and commercial potential of Active Array.”

James Smith, Chairman Shell UK said, “Low carbon innovation creates real opportunities for British industry. The UK has huge talent and creativity in this area. In the last six years Shell Springboard has awarded over 50 small businesses with a total of £1.6 million to advance their new business ideas for products and services to tackle climate change.”

The Shell Springboard programme has awarded over £1.6 million to 54 UK small businesses since it launched in 2005. The Shell Springboard award to TwentyNinety is accompanied by a £20,000 prize.