Having both announced receipt of the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation, Evergreen Solar and aleo solar can now market and sell their solar module product offerings in the UK. Evergreen Solar is known for its ‘String Ribbon’ technology, which is already available in the UK market, via manufacturing licensee Sovello from Germany.  aleo solar, the German-based module manufacturer, is well known in the market for producing high-quality German made modules.

Following a slightly different track from both its competitors and manufacturing licensee, U.S.-based Evergreen Solar recently received IEC 61701 'salt mist' certification, making its ES-A series panels ideal for UK coastal installations.

Commenting Evergreen’s MCS approval, Peter Rusch, Evergreen Solar's Vice President of Sales for Europe noted, “The MCS certification is a major step forward in expanding our business in the UK and a testament to the quality and workmanship of Evergreen's solar panels which are known for delivering more electricity with less impact on the environment.”

“And given the fact that many UK solar projects will be installed on or near the coast, our IEC 61701 salt mist certification is likely to make the ES-A series the panel of choice for these projects,” added Rusch.

Evergreen Solar did not disclose any distribution deals or plans for supporting installers in the UK.

However, aloe solar, one of the Europe's largest and most experienced module manufacturers and complete system suppliers, plans to support UK installers from project design through after sales.

“In the British market, as elsewhere in Europe, we are relying on close partnerships with photovoltaic installers,” noted Norbert Schlesiger, Chief Sales Officer at aleo solar. “We provide support for installers ranging from facility design to after sales.”