The UK is one of 10 founding countries who have established the Renewables Club, a political group intended to help scale up the deployment of renewable energy worldwide.

Initiated by the German federal environment minister, Peter Altmaier, representatives from China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Morocco, South Africa, Tonga, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom aim to “lead by example” in establishing a system whereby renewable energy plays a key role in the supply of global energy.

Altmaier explained: “The Renewables Club is a political initiative of pioneering countries that are united by an important goal: a worldwide transformation of the energy system.”

“We are determined to work together as advocates and implementers of renewable energy at global level.

The Club’s work will supplement and support the existing work of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

According to the club's communiqué, the Renewables Club will help accelerate the deployment of renewable energy by:

• Supporting, including at the highest levels, the implementation of robust policies and setting conducive enabling environments for a greater use of renewable energy, thereby shaping investments and unleashing new business opportunities

• Sending a strong political message of support for renewable energy’s business case;

• Raising awareness on renewable energy as a major means to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in an effort to stabilize the climate system;

• Promoting renewable energy as one of the important elements of energy security, economic prosperity and sustainable development; and

• Lending additional political support to the work of IRENA, as well as the efforts of other entities active in the field of renewable energy.

Altmaier, concluded: “Renewable energy is not only a good way of combating climate change, it also contributes to prosperity and supply security throughout the world, especially at a time of growing energy demand, this is the attraction of renewable energy for countries all over the world.”