The UK has installed 1.47GW so far in 2014, according to the latest report from solar market analyst, NPD Solarbuzz .

This is more than the estimated the record 1.2GW of solar installed in the UK throughout all of 2013.

Large rooftops (above 100kW) accounted for just 4% of all the 1.47GW of installations this year, despite the government’s solar strategy to shift focus from ground mount installations to rooftops.

Out of the record breaking 1.47GW installed so far this year, ground mount solar installations accounted for 75% of the 1.47GW total, and remains the most attractive deployment for investors seeking large PV asset portfolios.

The 1.47GW was also split unevenly in quarters: 80% was installed in the first quarter of 2014. The split in deployment is due to incentive cuts to the Renewable Obligation (RO), 1 April this year.

RO cuts are expected to continue, with support for ground mount solar projects over 5MW ending on 1 April 2015, two years earlier than expected.

There is now a rush to complete ground mount projects before the deadline. As a result, reduced revenues and possible bankruptcies have been predicted.

The residential market continues to install 80-100MW a quarter – the industry has adapted to the scale down in incentives.

The UK is now set to be the largest EU market, and to become the fourth largest globally for solar installations this year.