According to the latest research from YouGov, a large number of UK consumers believe energy suppliers are making large profits at their expense.

The SixthSense report, which questioned over 2,000 UK consumers, found that 84 percent agree that energy suppliers maximise profits by charging customers too much, while more than half (59 percent) of those surveyed agree with the statement “energy suppliers treat people with contempt.”

This news comes after Government yesterday called on the Big Six to inform all customers of the lowest tariff available to them at the time of purchase.

Of those surveyed, 56 percent said that the February 2012 price cuts were long overdue as “energy companies make too much profit,” while 12 percent were very relieved to see their bills drop and 16 percent feel the drop is unlikely to have an impact as it is simply too small.

One in five consumers (22 percent) say they have difficulty paying their energy bills, while 31 percent have had to made cutbacks in order to meet their bill payments, with over a third (34 percent) admitting their house feels cold as a result of not being able to afford the current high energy prices.

YouGov SixthSense Research Director, James McCoy, commented: “The strength and negativity of feeling regarding the energy companies’ profits is clearly demonstrated. The findings suggest that many people are more outraged by the profits being made than by their actual energy bill.”

The full report can be purchased here.