A recent study conducted by A Shade Greener has found that by installing solar panels a typical family in the UK could be saving on average of more than a third on their energy bills. The study, based on actual householders' energy usage after installing solar panels, has shown that electricity bills were on average reduced by 37 percent.

“People on average saved a third on their electricity bills, however those who made a concerted effort to use the free electricity tended to enjoy even more savings, some as high as 60 percent,” outlined the report.

Stewart Davies, Managing Director at A Shade Greener, continued: “As the solar industry is still relatively new in the UK, there is scant information around about just how effective a solar panel system can be in reducing energy consumption. There was a lot of supposition but no hard evidence. We were in a privileged position in that we had, literally, thousands of customers who'd had our systems for over 12 months so we decided to do our own survey. I'm delighted that our free solar electric systems have ensured that our customers have enjoyed such substantial savings, particularly in these hard times.”

Yorkshire-based installer A Shade Greener has installed over 6,000 PV systems under its ‘rent a roof’ scheme to homeowners in the UK since 2010.