G24 Power has re-started production of its solar cells for commercial electronics after it acquired G24 Innovations Ltd which went into administration last year.

The Newport-based solar cell manufacturer has begun production of its flexible dye sensitised solar cell (DSSC). The new 89,000 sq ft factory at Imperial Park will employ 35 people. The firm predicts that it will be able to manufacture in excess of 500,000 metres of thin, flexible photovoltaic film.

Commenting on the company’s new production line, Richard Costello, CEO of G24 Power, said: “We are delighted to be able to move into a more suited factory. The move will allow us to increase production and work more effectively on new products.

“Our GCell is unique in the market and is the closest that mankind has come to replicating nature’s photosynthesis. We are now able to use this technology to create the next generation cell.”

G24 Power harbours ambitions to quadruple its production capacity to 2,000,000 metres over the next two years. In addition to restarting production, the company has begun research work on the next generation of its solar cell, which aims to have higher power density and improved aesthetic options.

According to the company work on new products that incorporate solid-state flexible cells is also underway. G24 Power’s cells have previously been used to power window blinds for 8,000 windows at the MCM Grand hotel in Las Vegas as well as in Logitech’s solar-powered folio keyboard for Apple’s iPad.