According to solar panel installation company, Solar Choice, the Government is failing solar photovoltaics consumers in the UK by neglecting to publicise vital information about the feed-in tariff (FiT).

The FiT came into effect in April 2010 offering a generous financial incentive to consumers who decide to install solar PV panels on their homes. However, although this scheme is reported on solar technology sites such as the Solar Power Portal, the general public is widely ignorant of this scheme.

Solar Choice Sales Director, Ajay Hargreaves said, “The Government has introduced this amazing scheme. They've made solar panels an investment, rather than an expense. But we're still continually finding that people simply either don't know exactly what it's all about or even don't know about it at all! The feed-in tariff here is particularly generous. It's been covered in newspapers and on TV all over the globe, yet we're failing to inform the very people it benefits, the UK consumers.”

Since the sole point of an FiT is to encourage the uptake of solar PV, education on its existence and benefits is of high importance.

“The British Government has pledged to cut our carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. Those are ambitious targets. The feed-in tariff is an incredible way to encourage solar installation and therefore reduce carbon emissions but if consumers aren't even aware of it, we'll never see its full potential,” concludes Hargreaves.