UK Solar Provider Ltd has submitted full planning for a 95kWp rooftop solar system which will be developed on an agricultural farm in South Cambridgeshire, near Royston. This will be the company’s debut solar project in the UK.

The system will be mounted on three grain stores, one facing south, the other two facing east/west. On the roofs of the latter two barns, the panels will be mounted on A-frames in order to make them south facing, and therefore ideal for capturing the sun’s rays.

UK Solar Provider will utilize 416 Aleo 230W S19 panels from Aleo Solar coupled with four SMA 15000 TL and 2 SMA 17000 TL inverters. During the summer months, most of the renewable energy generated by the system will used on site for grain drying, providing the owners of the farm with an additional income through the country’s feed-in tariff as well as saving them money by reducing their energy bills.

Each year, the system is expected to generate approximately 84,806kWh, 40% of which will be exported to the grid and 60% used on site. Over 75 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be avoided annually. The entire system will have a performance ratio of 80.2%, which will be monitored 24/7 through an SMA webbox.

The construction of the system will begin on the May 2nd 2011 and will be completed and connected to the grid on the May 19th.