The UK is set to become the largest solar market in Europe for the first time during the first quarter of 2014, according to the latest data from NPD Solarbuzz.

The firm estimates, the combination of predictable feed-in tariff rates and the rush to complete larger projects ahead of the cuts in the Renewable Obligation Certificate, in the second quarter, will help the UK to take top spot.

The honour will be short-lived with Germany expected to regain the number one ranking by the end of 2014.

NPD Solarbuzz predicts that the UK along with Germany, Italy and France will help European solar demand to stabilise.

“Following consecutive quarterly market declines going back to the start of 2012, solar PV demand from Europe is forecast to stabilise over the next three quarters,” said Susanne von Aichberger, analyst at NPD Solarbuzz.

“The downturn in the European solar PV industry has now bottomed out, with the quarterly demand volatility of the past soon to be replaced by more stable end-market dynamics,” added von Aichberger.

The European market has been battered in recent years with the combination of the downturn, the Eurozone crisis, and the uncertainty generated by the anti-dumping trade dispute all taking their toll.