UK-based PassivSystems has been selected to supply smart energy management for a 1GW residential solar programme in Oman.

Around 250,000 rooftop solar systems are to be installed under a programme designed to defer grid upgrades and decrease the impact of peak demand.

The Sahim initiative is being managed by the sultanate’s Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER).

“PassivSystems technology demonstrates clear benefits against its competitors’ by providing a platform that manages the full lifecycle of the solar PV assets,” claimed Qais Saud Al Zakwani, executive director, AER. 

“Its system collects daily generation data to help ensure we optimise yield and also allows us to track and manage workflows, including approvals, asset serial numbers and documentation – essential information that we need to track in order to efficiently manage a programme of this size and scale,” he added.

The PassivEnergy platform is being localised with additional temperature and soiling sensors added to monitor the impact of high temperatures on yield and to set a targeted cleaning schedule. The combination of moisture in the cool mornings and high levels of sand and dust can lead to “encrusted deposits”.

“We have collected over a terabyte of data from tens of thousands of rooftops in the UK and proven the scalability of our platform beyond doubt,” said Colin Calder, chief executive, PassivSystems.

“Localising the platform to maximise yield, streamline support and reduce operational costs for the specific environmental conditions in Oman demonstrates the versatility of our technology. We help get the best out of the PV assets throughout their complete lifecycle, wherever in the world they are located,” added Calder.

PassivSystems are among the providers for a landmark programme of solar and storage installations on the Isle of Scilly led by engineering giant Hitachi.